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Fraser's Café

Fraser’s Café

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A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Ross and Simon Fraser – two brothers who own and operate Fraser Café in downtown Ottawa. ( Next to enjoying one of their exquisite meals, and trying mussles for the very first time in my life, I had the great pleasure of photographing them and their staff in full action. In union with ARCLabs – a webpage design and development company – I put my photography skills to work to help the Frasers capture their kitchen and culinary masterpieces for their website. Photographing several bustling, but methodical cooks on a mission in their kitchen was no easy task – the gas ovens were blasting on high, hot frying pans were being shaken over open flames, knives were rapidly chopping away and orders were coming in fast with people naturally waiting to be served with high expectations! Add in all the mouth savoring sights and smells, and photographing a series of cooks in action preparing a wide array of delicious platters became especially challenging. LOL Yet, it was a totally amazing photography experience, and I’m proud to note that my work now features exclusively on the Fraser’s website, which was created by ARCLabs. The Fraser’s culinary skills and platter presentations are top notch in my opinion, and if you’re looking for a truly fine place to dine in Ottawa, then I would highly recommend you check out Fraser Café. And, if you’ve never tried mussles, Ross can certainly help you take the plunge and make your first experience an enjoyable one!

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