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Cat Poses

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Earlier this evening I was helping a friend when I came across his two cats resting on a staircase with their heads perched up. I immediately zeroed in on their eyes, or perhaps they immediately zeroed in on mine – I’m not quite sure which one happened first, but we were totally transfixed upon each other. After a few seconds of feeling totally mesmerized by the experience, and enjoying the warm afternoon sun shining down upon the cats through a window, I pulled out my camera to capture a highly random, but very asthetic moment for me.

I’ve never really photographed cats before, and as I gazed upon their eyes I began thinking about a philosohical passage I once read in the Treatise of Man by René Descartes. In the Treatise of Man, Descartes attempts to elaborate upon the relationship between body, mind and soul. And along the way his curiosity gives tribute to the eyes and the idea that staring into a creature’s eyes is akin to staring into his mind and soul. So, I just began thinking about that idea and more as I came eye-to-eye with some kitty cats. Um, yeah, I think tomorrow I’ll enjoy a little less wine with my meal…LOL…but here’s a look at what I took.

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