Cruising through a Fjord with the Lyubov Orlova | Arctic Canada Photography


Arctic Canada, A Fjord from the Bow side of the Lyubov Orlova


Arctic Canada, A Fjord from the Stern side of the Lyubov Orlova

Cruising aboard the Lyubov Orlova – a Russian class ship – in Canada’s high arctic waters. Equiped with Zodiacs and a stellar crew, it was a real pleasure crusising aboard this ship. Yet, for the record, my body never got use to the rocking motion of the open seas. So, if I ever set sail again I’ll be sure to bring some high powered meds to avoid sea sickness and keep my food down…LOL

Official Specs:
Built: 1976
Renovated: 2006
Length: 100m (328 feet)
Draft: 4.65m (15 feet)
Beam: 16.22m
Engines: Twin diesel 3,884 kW (2640 hp each), twin propeller with bow thrusters
Cruising Speed: 12 knots
Tonnage: 4,251
Passengers: 122 max
Crew: 63

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