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Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Butterfly

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The 2010 butterfly show is now on at Carleton University – my alma matter – and it’s definitely a must see for the whole family! So grab your camera and kids and run down to the exhibit to “enjoy the magic as butterflies emerge from their chrysalises and watch hundreds of exotic tropical butterflies fly free in the two display greenhouses at Carleton’s Nesbitt Biology Building located at the corner of University Drive and Raven Road.” More information can be found on Carleton University’s website, but until you have a chance to see them first hand, here are a few pics I took earlier today. If you have a polarizer for your camera lens, it would be a good idea to bring it along as it can help reduce reflections off the leaves and wings of our cute little insect friends.

Note: The greenhouses are naturally warm and humid, so its best to wear clothing that will keep you comfortable in such a setting. And, WATCH YOUR STEP! There are beautiful butterflies resting and flying around everywhere, and I feel so very badly at the moment because with all my curiosity and natural instinct to look up, I didn’t look down to notice a butterfly resting on the floor at the main entrance. I accidently stepped on him, and feel really horrible about it. There’s plenty to see, so look up, down, and all around. The event is free, but donations are welcome. Hats off to the organizers and all those involved in hosting this magnificent exhibit! It’s very nice to see our Captial’s University hosting events such as these. My pictures here are available for sale, and half of the proceeds raised from any sale will be donated to the exhibit.

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