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Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Icebergs-9

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Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Icebergs
Last night I topped my hamburger with some iceberg lettuce, and began thinking about the spectacular icebergs I saw floating around (some for hundreds of years) in the High Arctic. Like ice cubes floating in a clear glass of water, the ice I could see topping over the waterline during my travels was just a fraction of its overall size, as the bulk of an ice cube’s mass floating in a liquid is submerged.

I’ve always held this mental image that Canada’s northern waters were littered with jagged ice cubes floating all over the place, but that didn’t appear to be the case where (and when) my expedition travelled. I suppose that makes sense, because if it was really like that then that wouldn’t make for smooth travels. Yet, the cubes I did see were all out massive, and after giving it some serious thought, I cannot understand how the Titanic could have missed something like that. But, more than ever, I now appreciate how an iceberg could have sunk the Titanic. Titanic is a big word, but the colossal is even bigger, and these cubes were colossal in my esteem.

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  1. Helenmaria Darker October 13, 2010 at 9:33 pm #

    Great photos Jeff.
    It must have been difficult to choose which few to put on the web. I took so many from all angles that it was hard to eliminate some of them–but I did.
    Fellow traveller on the Arctic trip.
    Helenmaria (and Bill)

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