Ottawa Photographer | Ready, Aim, Shoot

Until today, about the only thing I knew how to shoot was a camera…up to 1/8000th of a second under ideal light conditions! Yet, on this snow flake Sunday afternoon I connected with some former colleagues and tried Trap Shooting for the first time. I never knew such a thing existed in Ottawa, and it really is a lot of fun trying to shoot flying saucers from the sky. So, in addition to snapping a few quick pics with my camera, I also tried a double barrel berretta and browning shotgun. These things ain’t digital, so you have to be really careful with them. I was proud to hit several orange disks on my first outing, and I couldn’t help by wonder if my photographic eye helped me during the venture? In photography, timing can be everything, and I’m almost always on time during my photo shoots! 😉

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