Ottawa War Art Photographer | A balance of darkness and brightness

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Memorial Museum

Performing two of my favorite photography effects straight out of the camera – a star light burst and a deep silhouette – on one of my greatest photography interests – war art, or something I personally call w(ar)t. This spectacular moment and opportunity was taken at 19:38 under clear skies and a rapidly setting sun. Located in the backyard of the Holiday Inn hotel in Trenton, Ontario, this monument is visible from Highway 401 – the Highway of Heroes – at exit 526. According to the plaque on site, “this plane was placed here by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Memorial Museum as a memorial to all those airmen and airwomen who served in the air forces of Canada”. As the plaque goes on to note, “it is especially dedicated to all those who gave their lives while in that service. WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM. Dedicated May 6, 1995”.

After reading the distinctly Canadian air force blue painted plaque I starting thinking about how I was taking this picture almost exactly sixteen years after it was erected, and that made me wonder in awe about all the sunsets and sunrises this war art has seen, and will continue to see to keep remembrance alive and in the air. At the time I took this photo, this monument would have enjoyed no less than 5,860 sunrises and 5,861 sunset moments. Just Beautiful!


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