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Polar Bear Family off the coastline of Nunavut, Canada

Polar Bear Family off the coastline of Nunavut, Canada

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Canadian Polar Bear Family-1002

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Canadian Polar Bear Family-1001

Encountering this polar bear family with my camera in hand was a totally amazing moment, and one that I’m sure will be hard to replicate again! After this experience, I don’t think I’ll be able to read the “three little bears” quite the same way ever again either…LOL

So, I know you’re bursting at the seams to ask: “How close were you”…Well, after giving the question some deep thought, I’ll simply say: I was close enough…LOL And quickly confess that it really doesn’t get any better than this. From a technical standpoint, capturing these guys in the RAW was very difficult, as I took these photos from a zodiac bobbing up and down in choppy water. But, with a fast enough camera shutter speed (1/1600ths of a second) I was able to capture the show. I used my Canon 70-200 with an extender, and shot just about all my pictures at 400mm. It was tough trying to time everything with the movement of the waves (pushing my camera shutter down as the wave brought us down), but I’m very happy with the result. The really neat thing here, though, is that these bears wanted to see us just as much as we wanted to see them. So, we both pushed our comfort zones for the sake of curiosity, and that’s the neatest thing of all!

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