Ottawa Travel Photographer | Комсомо́льская Metro Station in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia – Комсомо́льская Metro Station

Pictured here is one part of the magnificent Komsomolskaya subway station (using the Latin alphabet, and Kомсомо́льская using the local Cyrillic spelling). I thought Moscow’s metro system was really efficient once I learnt how to navigate and decipher a few patterns in cyrillic text. Each subway station sported its own unique character and design, and in some cases the decor and lighting was quite opulent. Perhaps the coolest part of the system was just observing the enormity of everything – from the huge escalators that required at least a minute or two of descending into the ground, from the sheer volume of people using the system. A tourist could easily spend a few days just visiting and photographing everything there is to see in Moscow’s beautiful metro stations. This picture captured a very quick moment of calm quietness. Literally seconds later trains arrived on both sides of the platform and the place was elbow-to-elbow with people.

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