Ottawa Nature Photographer | Transit of Venus 2012

Transit of Venus, 2012, as seen from Ottawa, Ontario

This “once in a lifetime” photo was taken at 19:05:54 on June 5, 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario. In attendance was my good friend and fellow photographer, Fernando Matias. Working together, we combined our camera gear by stacking our Canon EF 70-200mm IS lenses with 2 polarizers and 2 EF Extenders 2xII to effectively create a 800mm lens. We took this picture at 1/8000 of a second using an aperture value of 64 and an ISO rating of 50 – In other words, we did as much as we could to get in as close as we could while reducing the intensity of the light. What a moment! The bright dot is the sun, and the tiny black dot is Venus. Photography safety tip #1: Protect your eyes by remembering to never look directly at the sun!

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