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A 1975 Corvette Stingray featured with a HDR Photography Effect

Last night I joined up with my good friend and fellow photographer – Fernando Matias – to find some photography inspiration in downtown Ottawa. Along the way we came across a beautifully sculpted Corvette Stingray that was proudly parked at the corner of Kent and Albert. Painted in candy apple red, and sporting some slick Hercules H/P 4000 tires, it was glaringly clear to me and Fernando that this classic convertible was still — and deservedly so — being loved and enjoyed some 37 years after it was produced in 1975.

I like photographing iconic cars and all of their character – from muscular and sporty dispositions to those built with soft lines for leisurely pursuits. If you own a classic car, and would love to be photographed in it, then give Jeffrey Meyer a call to set something up. Whether it’s parked in an interesting spot, or rolling in motion with you behind the steering wheel, Jeffrey can help you gear up your devotion for cars with some professional photographs. The picture you see here was given some extra dramatic effect by my taking a series of similarly framed pictures at different exposures to form a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph. I also added one of my favourite photography effects into the mix – light star bursts – by using a 9-blade aperture camera lens.

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  1. James August 4, 2012 at 5:11 am #

    cool shot!

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