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Landscape Architecture Photography

On March 22nd my GF and I drove down to beautiful downtown Kingston from Ottawa for the evening to enjoy the sights and sounds of Queen’s Symphony Orchestra – directed by Gordon Craig. Following a most wonderful performance, and my first time sitting in Grant Hall at Queen’s University, my GF suggested we grab a drink and some pub fair at the Tir Nan Og Irish Pub located at 200 Ontario Street before heading home. And boy oh boy, am I ever glad she did! Not only were the sea-salted chips amazing at this pub, but its proximity to Kingston’s City Hall made it all so very picturesque. On my way to back to the car I noticed this incredible sight of leafless trees landscaping Kingston’s City Hall architecture. The scene shown here immediately caught my photography imagination, and I began to see before me a full interplay of silhouettes and nightlights at play. So, I pulled out my camera – never leave home without it – and snapped this picture.

My thoughts at the time: This was more than a naked tree standing next to a stone cold wall. With two windows symmetrically watching in the background, I can see this tree stretching out its arms to say, eh Jeff, look at me. And, so I did…

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