TTC 511 Streetcar | Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour, Target

TTC 511 Streetcar clad in “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” Target Marketing

This past weekend I spent some quality time in Toronto, Ontario to catch up with my bro, check out the University of Toronto’s Symphony Orchestra with my GF, and of course snap a few pictures around town.

One of the things I love most about visiting Toronto is watching its iconic streetcars electrically woosh through the city core with ding, ding sounds filling the air. And while I’m certain other motorists hold mixed views about sharing Toronto’s congested street space with them, from my perspective I’d say the presence of this mass transportation system packs some serious cultural value and high photography appeal!

Yet next to targeting streetcars with my camera, I also noticed Target Canada’s very visible – and I think very effective – marketing campaign all over Toronto. Fashionably sporting Canada’s proud red and white colours, and layering its distinctive bull’s eye marks in its advertising, Target has clearly placed its sights on the Canadian Marketplace. “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” appears to be Target’s current marketing tagline, and while I’m certain the claim conjures a great many views about Canadian retailers sharing space – perhaps congested – with American franchises, at least we can now say, eh Canada, they finally spelt neighbour right! Featured here is a TTC 511 streetcar – clad in Target advertising – riding along the Exhibition Loop. On this mighty fine day, two photography targets.

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