York Cemetery | Toronto, Ontario Skyline

York Cemetery and Toronto Skyscrapers

York Cemetery before a Toronto Skyline of Skyscrapers

Everyday creativity, as so eloquently noted by Dewitt Jones – an Academy Award nominated director and long-time National Graphic photographer – can be found by making the ordinary extraordinary.

During my last trip to Toronto I took a walk through the York Cemetery to observe and respect how the York community honoured its dead. During my walk I came across a hill, and so I decided to climb it to see what I could see from the top. At first the hill did not seem like much given my angle of accent, but when I reached the top I came across a most inspiring sight, as before my eyes were two polar contrasts far from ordinary in the everyday: in the foreground was peace, serenity and tombstones, while in the background stood just a small sliver of Canada’s largest and most populated city bustling with bumper-to-bumper action. Granted most people do not take photographs in cemeteries, which itself is far from ordinary, I thought this moment to be especially creative as a wonderful tribute to those who have left this world with a built city behind them.

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