Sudbury, Ontario | Nickel Mining Historical Site and Monument of Canada

Nickel Mining in Sudbury, Ontario: Historical Site and Monument of Canada

On my way to Vancouver from Ottawa I drove through the City of Sudbury, and headed to The Big Nickel for a photo op — a historical site and monument of Canada. Overall, I must say the Big Nickel along with the physical landscape, superstack factories, and heavy machinery of the region really captivated my attention and spurred a childhood memory.

When I was younger I vividly remember one of my elementary school teachers in Ottawa telling me and my classmates that Sudbury was a very unique city in Canada, and that its physical landscape looked like the moon on account of the intense mining it performs. And for extra drama, we were also told that NASA often tested their lunar vehicles on Sudbury’s roads before sending them into space. While I have no idea whether that account is true, or was once true, I can safely say there certainly is some unique rock formations in Sudbury, and rest assured, plenty of trees and social culture too! Not featured here, but a very nice touch in my opinion, was a Bridge of Nations, which features on its spans the flags of every nation represented among the city’s population. As for the real historical memory, the commemorative plaque featured in this photo states:

“Canada is a leading producer of nickel and the mining of this metal has contributed significantly to the nation’s economy. The industry is closely tied to the Sudbury Basin whose mines have produced the greater part of the metal in this country. Nickel, in association with other metals, was discovered here in 1883 and mining for copper began shortly thereafter; but it was not until the 1890s with the development of nickel-steel alloys that the ore was mined primarily for its nickel. The Creighton mine which opened in 1900 became the largest nickel mine in the world.” Signed, Historic Sites and Monuments of Canada

The picture you see here was just entered into a photo contest held by Modern Mining and Technology Sudbury. If you like it, feel free to send me your vote…

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