First Minsters’ Meeting with the Premiers of Canada | Ottawa 2017

There are so many reasons why I love being a photographer, but chief among them would certainly be the opportunity to experience great moments occurring in my community, and capture them for both participants and history.  Case in point, earlier today I had the wonderful honour of beginning my morning by photographing all the current Premiers of Canada at the Château Laurier.  And, to add an extra layer of symbolism to the event, I photographed them in the same room that me and Stéphanie held our wedding party in two years ago this month – the ever so beautiful Québec Suite.  Fast forward a few hours later, I experienced yet another opportunity to quickly photograph all the Premiers again along with the Prime Minister of Canada, as he delivered an opening account to begin a round table First Ministers’ meeting in Ottawa.   Connecting with other photographers, videographers and media next to me along the way was also pretty enlightening, and it felt so nice to see everyone working hard and fast to make things happen and our society work well.   For my photography and blog friends, you know that I think all forms of photography bring their own unique challenges, but today I was reminded first hand of the challenges (and total excitement) that our full-time media based photographers face everyday to not only get the picture, but to share it almost as quickly as they captured it!    All-in-all, an awesome day of fast pace event photography!

A round table meeting of the Premiers and Prime Minister of Canada


The Honourable Justin Trudeau – the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada – hosting a First Ministers’ Meeting in Ottawa

The Honourable Justin Trudeau addressing a First Ministers’ Meeting in Ottawa



Québec Suite, Château Laurier – with the flags of Canada

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