MBA Games 2018 | With Paul and Raven Lacerte

During the opening ceremonies of the 2018 MBA Games I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph Paul and Raven Lacerte, and hear them present their inspiring messages about the need for “safe spaces and safe places” for all women and children, and in this particular context for women and children in educational settings.   Earlier this year (April 2017) I had the great privilege of hearing Paul present at the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Annual Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I was deeply inspired by his stories, thoughts and kind words to all around the need for love and real “in-to-me-see.”    On this fine day, Paul and his daughter Raven thanked hundreds of MBA students from all across Canada, whom have been using their business acumen to help them advance their Moose Hide Campaign, which involves raising awareness and taking a conscious stand against violence towards women and children.   As a photographer, I must say that there’s no greater feeling than photographing people shining with “love eyes”, smiles and hugs!


Paul and Raven Lacerte inspiring everyone to hug with love eyes and achieve more together


Paul and Raven Lacerte, and their Moose Hide Campaign


Paul and Raven Lacerte glowing at the 2018 MBA Games with Love  

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