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Long Ma, In Ottawa | La Machine

Long Ma. La Machine

Atari and Dragons…what a golden age to remember!

Kumo, In Ottawa | La Machine

Um, yeah, best leave sleeping spiders sleep, and use my telephoto lens for this one.

Kumo, La Machine,

Long Ma, In Ottawa | La Machine

Long Ma – the half-horse, half-dragon cosmic creature assigned to watch over humanity – check’n out the ByWard Market in Ottawa, Ontario.
Rumor has it the impressive beast was out-and-about look’n for the best Fish & Chips in town.

Long Ma, la machine, in Ottawa 2017

The Bluenose II Sailing past le Château Frontenac | Canada 150+

RDV2017 | Bluenose II sailing past le Château Frontenac et le vieux-Québec

On July 23, 2017, my wife and I had the great pleasure of waking up with the birds to photograph the Canadian iconic Bluenose II (a replica of the original 1921 Bluenose that was featured on a Canadian Stamp in 1928 and on the Canadian dime in 1937) sailing along the St. Lawrence River and past the equally Canadian iconic Château Frontenac (1892).

This picture was taken from atop la Terrasse du Chevalier-de-Levis, and making this photo even more special is the top left hand corner where in 2015 I kneeled down on one knee to propose to my beautiful wife and soul mate on la Terrasse Dufferin. So, yeah, I’d say this picture would be easily among one of my all time symbolic favourites.

USCGC Eagle Sailing Past le Vieux-Québec | RDV 2017

The USCGC Eagle sailing past Vieux-Québec

Class A, Barque 3, 89.7 metre, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter, built in 1936. Originally operated by Nazi Germany to train cadets for the German Navy, the ship was taken by the United States as a war prize after World War II.

The Picton Castle & Appledore V sailing past le Château Frontenac | Grande Voiliers

Les Grande Voiliers, Québec 2017

HMCS Toronto FFH 333 sailing along the St. Lawrence | Pont de Québec

HMCS Toronto sailing nearby le Pont de Québec and le Pont Pierre-Laporte

One of my all-time favourite mottos in life is: “the early bird gets the worm”, and while most normal people would safely pass on getting up at 3:00 a.m. to find early morning photography moments, on this mighty fine day I had the great pleasure of photographing the HMCS Toronto FFH 333 sailing in the St. Laurent with le Pont de Québec and le Pont Pierre-Laporte in the background – a spectacular photography angle!

The HMCS Toronto is a Halifax-class frigate that was commissioned in 1993 and its motto is “Excellence with Vigour” — something any early bird can certainly appreciate! The HMCS Toronto is a general purpose warship with a particular focus on anti-submarine capabilities, but in times of peace it’s a real beauty to photograph!

Porte Kent, 1878 | Les Lumières de Vieux Québec

Porte Kent, Québec

Simons | Les Lumières de Vieux Québec

Simons, Vieux Québec

Église Saint-Joseph de Deschambault | Québec 138

Église Saint-Joseph de Deschambault

Construit 1835-1838
Situé au 115 Rue de l’Église, Deschambault, QC G0A 1S0

Église Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade | Québec 138

Église Sainte-Anne-de-Pérade

Construit 1855-1869
Situé au 201 Rue Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, QC G0X 2J0

Presbytère de Cap-Santé | Québec 138

Presbytère de Cap-Santé

Presbytère de Cap-Santé

Costruit 1754-1763
Situé au 30 de l’Eglise, Cap-Santé, QC G0A 1L0

Presbytère de la Paroisse de St-Augustin | Québec 138

Presbytère de la Paroisse de St-Augustin

Construit 1809-1816
Situé au 325 QC-138, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC G3A 1G7

Coeur Sacrè de Jésus
Broyé a cause de nos péchès
Ayez pitié de nous

Snowbirds | Canada 150+

OH YEAH, Here they come – I know that sound!!!

Quick, quick, not a moment to lose…grab the camera and sling it around my neck, (check); drop kick my storm door open and dash out of my house like it’s on fire, (check); pull the ladder out from the garage and set it against my house, (check); scale that ladder faster than fast to the top of my flat roof, (check); laugh out loud and say, OH Canada, ready, set, photograph those beautiful snowbirds thrusting over my house!


Joyeuse célébration des neuf lions | Canada 150+

Joyeuse célébration des neuf lions

Mosaï Canada 150, Gatineau 2017

Les boeufs musqués et un danseur au tambour | Canada 150+

Les boeufs musqués et un danseur au tambour

With rail & nail we became a nation | Canada 150+

Mosaï Canada 150 | Gatineau 2017

All aboard, en voiture, locomotive CPR 374

Parliament of Canada | Canada 150+

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada

Fireworks going off proud and patriotic @ Parliament Hill on Canada 150 — with glowing hearts we see thee rise; the True North strong and free!

Supreme Court of Canada | Canada 150+

Supreme Court of Canada

On July 1, 2017, I enjoyed a dazzling display of birthday fireworks and sparklers along with a few hundred others in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Reaching the young age of 150 in a nation state of peace and security is very much, thanks in part, to the rule of law. I’m proud to be Canadian, and everything we as Canadians aspire to achieve as a democratic state guided by laws like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Franklin | Automobile


Two words: Classic and awesome – now let’s drive! 🙂

2010 Olympic Cauldron | Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron

Wihtout the flame all I could think about was superman’s Fortress of Solitude – I very much like the look!

Beauport | Ville de Québec

Beauport, Québec

VIMY | Communications and Electronics Branch Vimy Battlefield Study Tour

Earlier this evening I had the wonderful opportunity of photographing an event hosted by Scotia Wealth Management at the Canadian War Museum.   In commemoration of the sacrifices Canadian men and women made one hundred years ago at Vimy Ridge in France, I was deeply moved by a short presentation delivered by a young Canadian soldier (28-years old) with the Communications and Electronics Branch Vimy Battlefield Study Tour (April 2017).    In addition to learning about his study tour on memorials and key battles involving Canadians, I thought deeply about the sheer hell my fellow countrymen experienced as they fell hard and bled out on foreign soil, so that myself and all others after them could live in more peaceful times.    As I photographed the moment and the many people in attendance I again felt proud to be Canadian, and took comfort in feeling that I too, despite not being a soldier, would do the same to protect the people I love and answer the call of duty to vanquish tyranny in the best way I could for Canada and like minded nations.


If you’ve yet to see the Vimy exhibition at the Canadian War Museum, then I’d highly recommend you drop by and give it a look.   As you enter the exhibition you’ll be enlightened by Captain William Longstaff’s painting called the “Ghosts of Vimy Ridge” (Pictured below) – one of the best points of imagery I’ve seen in a long time.  Next to the painting, and on the wall, you’ll see these inviting words to reflect and discover more…

After the Battle, Memory Remains.   One hundred years ago, Canadians fought a bloody battle at a place called Vimy Ridge in France. No one is alive today with direct memory of the battle or even of the war in which it was fought.  But Canadians continue to remember and commemorate the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  We erect memorials, we tell and retell stories, we treasure keepsakes, and we participate in public and private rituals.”    The exhibition at the Canadian War Museum “sheds light on how and why we commemorate war by exploring private and collective memories of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the First World War, and more recent conflicts.”

Après la bataille, il en reste le souvenir.   Il y a cent ans, les Canadiens ont livré une bataille sanglante à un endroit appelé la crête de Vimy en France.  Les témoins directs de cette bataille ou même de la guerre dans laquelle elle s’inscrivait ont tous disparu.   Mais les Canadiens et Canadiennes continuent de se souvenir et de commémorer la bataille de la crête de Vimy.  Nous érigeons des monuments, nous en racontons et en répétons les récits, nous en gardons précieusement les articles souvenirs et nous prenons part à des rituels publics et privés.   Cette exposition met en lumière les raisons pour lesquelles nous commémorons la guerre, et les façons dont nous le faisons, par l’exploration de souvenirs personnels et collectifs de la bataille de la crête de Vimy, de la Première Guerre mondiale et de conflits plus récents.”

Painting by Captain William Longstaff, “Ghosts of Vimy Ridge” — Canadian War Museum


Domaine de Maizerets | Ville de Québec

Domaine de Maizerets, Québec

Un bel immeuble entouré de grands arbres, où héberge beaucoup d’histoire et de culture.

Kwakwaka’wakw Totem Pole | Canada 150+

A Haida Totem Pole (left) and Kwakwaka’wakw Totem Pole (right) at Thunderbird Park in Victoria, Canada

Towering just above the tree line, and reaching into the clouds, are two beautiful totem poles honouring the Haida and Kwakwaka’wakw First Nations cultures in Victoria, British Columbia.   The Haida Pole (left) was carved in 1984 by Gerry Marks, Richard Hunt and Tim Paul.   The Kwakwaka’wakw Pole (right) was carved in 1981 by Tony Hunt.