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The Lantern Room | National Arts Centre

Jeffrey Meyer getting ready to photograph a Concordia Alumni Event at the NAC

Jeffrey Meyer getting ready to photograph a Concordia Alumni Event at the NAC

Using one of my specialized camera lenses to capture the Lantern Room, NAC

Using one of my specialized camera lenses to capture the Lantern Room, NAC

The Lantern Room, NAC

Using one of my specialized camera lenses to capture the Lantern Room, NAC

National Arts Centre

National Arts Centre

Earlier this evening I had the great pleasure of photographing a Concordia University Alumni event hosted in the newly created Lantern Room at Canada’s National Arts Centre. As you can see from the beautiful interior architecture, the room and downtown view is pretty amazing for hosting a social event. If you’re looking for an Ottawa event photographer to photograph your event at the NAC, then give Jeffrey Meyer a call, as I’d love to do some more wonderful photography in this room!

Official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island | Architecture Photography

This picture was taken from inside the Government House of PEI, using my Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens.


This picture was taken from inside the Government House of PEI, using my Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens.

This picture was taken from outside the Government House of PEI, using my Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens.


Featured here is the Government House of Prince Edward Island, and the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of PEI.   On this beautiful summer day my wife and I really enjoyed learning some eastern Canadian History, and the opportunity to capture some awesome photos of Canadian heritage at 150!   In the spirit of continuous learning, after my trip I further learned that the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in September of 2017 announced the appointment of Antoinette Perry, as the next Lieutenant Governor of PEI.

As for the photography, working with a Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens can be technically challenging, but once you master the science and art of perception control there’s simply no better wide-angle lens on the market to frame wonderfully accurate and straight corners.


Confederation Bridge | Canada

Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area

Confederation Bridge


Photographed from the New Brunswick side, near the Cape Jourimain National Wildlife Area.    The bridge itself is 12.9 km long, so even with this elevated shot I’m still only getting a small slice of the PEI, ah, I mean pie.    A simply impressive marvel of human work…totally impressive.

The Bluenose II Sailing past le Château Frontenac | Canada 150+

RDV2017 | Bluenose II sailing past le Château Frontenac et le vieux-Québec

On July 23, 2017, my wife and I had the great pleasure of waking up with the birds to photograph the Canadian iconic Bluenose II (a replica of the original 1921 Bluenose that was featured on a Canadian Stamp in 1928 and on the Canadian dime in 1937) sailing along the St. Lawrence River and past the equally Canadian iconic Château Frontenac (1892).

This picture was taken from atop la Terrasse du Chevalier-de-Levis, and making this photo even more special is the top left hand corner where in 2015 I kneeled down on one knee to propose to my beautiful wife and soul mate on la Terrasse Dufferin. So, yeah, I’d say this picture would be easily among one of my all time symbolic favourites.

Porte Kent, 1878 | Les Lumières de Vieux Québec

Porte Kent, Québec

Simons | Les Lumières de Vieux Québec

Simons, Vieux Québec

Église Saint-Joseph de Deschambault | Québec 138

Église Saint-Joseph de Deschambault

Construit 1835-1838
Situé au 115 Rue de l’Église, Deschambault, QC G0A 1S0

Église Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade | Québec 138

Église Sainte-Anne-de-Pérade

Construit 1855-1869
Situé au 201 Rue Sainte-Anne, Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade, QC G0X 2J0

Presbytère de Cap-Santé | Québec 138

Presbytère de Cap-Santé

Presbytère de Cap-Santé

Costruit 1754-1763
Situé au 30 de l’Eglise, Cap-Santé, QC G0A 1L0

Presbytère de la Paroisse de St-Augustin | Québec 138

Presbytère de la Paroisse de St-Augustin

Construit 1809-1816
Situé au 325 QC-138, Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QC G3A 1G7

Coeur Sacrè de Jésus
Broyé a cause de nos péchès
Ayez pitié de nous

Parliament of Canada | Canada 150+

Happy 150th Birthday, Canada

Fireworks going off proud and patriotic @ Parliament Hill on Canada 150 — with glowing hearts we see thee rise; the True North strong and free!

Supreme Court of Canada | Canada 150+

Supreme Court of Canada

On July 1, 2017, I enjoyed a dazzling display of birthday fireworks and sparklers along with a few hundred others in front of the Supreme Court of Canada. Reaching the young age of 150 in a nation state of peace and security is very much, thanks in part, to the rule of law. I’m proud to be Canadian, and everything we as Canadians aspire to achieve as a democratic state guided by laws like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

2010 Olympic Cauldron | Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Cauldron

Wihtout the flame all I could think about was superman’s Fortress of Solitude – I very much like the look!

Beauport | Ville de Québec

Beauport, Québec

Domaine de Maizerets | Ville de Québec

Domaine de Maizerets, Québec

Un bel immeuble entouré de grands arbres, où héberge beaucoup d’histoire et de culture.

Kwakwaka’wakw Totem Pole | Canada 150+

Kwakwaka’wakw Honouring Totem Pole, 1999

The Kwakwaka’wakw Totem Pole at Thunderbird Park in Victoria, Canada, was carved by Sean Whonnock and Johnathan Henderson.  This honouring pole is dedicated to the Coast Salish people on whose ancestral lands Thunderbrid Park is located.


British Columbia’s Legislature | Canada 150

A spectacular display of lights on British Columbia’s Provincial Legislature.

This long exposure image was taken with my new Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens, and Formatt-Hitech Long Exposure Filters, on a calm night in Victoria, BC. One of my Canada 150 dreams would be to photograph all 13 provincial and territorial legislatures in Canada – both inside and out, during the day and at night.

Port of Vancouver | Cargo Terminal

Port of Vancouver

Gare du Palais, Québec | VIA Rail Canada

Gare du Palais, Québec — VIA

Photo taken with my brand new Canon TS-E 17mm tilt-shift lens.    A simply beautiful structure with a lot of character inside and out.

Istanbul, Turkey | Blue Mosque & Sultanahemt Park, Snowfall

Flash blizzard in Istanbul, Turkey — Blue Mosque, Sultanahemt Park

Enjoying the ultra-spectacular sights and sounds of prayers resonating from the Blue Mosque and its minarets. And making this moment extra special for me was the opportunity to enjoy it from Sultanahmet Park under a relatively heavy and rare snowfall. Wintertime is indeed picturesque! This mosque was constructed between 1606 and 1616, and is located next to the equally impressive Aya Sofya.

Alte Oper | Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Alte Oper

The Alte Oper (1981)

Duck Lake | Saskatchewan

Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre Museum

Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre. One of my long time bucket list items has been to photograph a red barn in Saskatchewan – I don’t know why, but I love the idea. Although this is certainly no barn, the red exterior of this museum was exactly what I had in mind!

La Gare Auberge Restaurant Bar | Labelle, Québec

Labelle, Québec

Labelle, Québec

If you ever find yourself in Labelle, Québec (A.K.A. in La Belle Province), then I would highly recommend you check out La Gare Auberge Restaurant Bar. Hands down (or up as the case may be) this place serves amazing food. On the menu for me was simply the best homemade style fish ‘n chips I’ve had all summer, and the local charm was pretty nice too! A postcard destination for sure!

Basilica | Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Québec City-3

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Québec City-4

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Québec City-5

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Québec City-6

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Québec City-7

Ville de Québec | Laval University (1854)