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Seafood | Crustacean

A quick pic from a Paris fish market


Seafood | Crustacean

A quick pic from a Paris fish market


A Marriage Proposal | At Winterlude on the Rideau Canal Skateway

Something truly magical happened today!

As I was performing a promotional Winterlude photo shoot with Nordstrom and TrojanOne on the Rideau Canal Skateway a lady approached me in surprise and said, “I think he’s about to propose”. Not knowing who the lady was talking about I quickly turned my head and immediately noticed behind me the time honored and cultural queue of a gentleman going down on one knee to express his love. Without any hesitation I instantly jumped into the scene and within seconds (seriously, it couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 slow motion heart beats) my photography passion shifted into top gear action, as I was able to manually change my camera settings with cold fingers, focus on the surprising situation, find the emotion, and frame the picture. It was just so simply spectacular I honestly cannot stop thinking about “what just happened”! Parliament Hill in the background with skaters all around, and of course a special moment made all the more beautiful by the sounds of yes. Congratulations guys – spectacular!

Winterlude Marriage Proposal

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-2

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-3

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-4

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-5

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-6

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-7

Traditional Ice Fishing in Canada | Pêche sur glace au Canada

One with nature and traditions – Pêche à la ligne sur glace

Traditional Ice Fishing in Canada

Traditional Ice Fishing in Canada-2

Al’s Fishing Services | Ice Auger Drilling and Fishing

Photographing Al hard at work, as he bores through nearly a metre of ice in a jiffy with a gas powered auger. My favorite part of the whole process was watching Al make the final plunge and pulling back the machine with commanding power, as the water rushed and spiraled out the top.

Al's Fishing Service |Ice Auger Drills into the Outaouais River near Rockland, Ontario

Al’s Fishing Service |Ice Auger Drills into the Outaouais River near Rockland, Ontario

Al's Fishing Service, Ice Auger, Rockland-2

Al's Fishing Service, Ice Auger, Rockland-3

Al's Fishing Service, Ice Auger, Rockland-4

Al's Fishing Service, Ice Auger, Rockland-5

Rideau Canal Skateway | City of Ottawa

Another beautiful day to enjoy a quick skate on the Rideau Canal – the largest naturally frozen ice rink in the world. The landmarks featured here include the Laurier Avenue Bridge and the City Hall of Ottawa off to the right.

Rideau Canal Skateway-2

In Canada We Eat Beaver Tails | While Skating on Frozen Lakes!

In Canada we Eat Beaver Tails

Extra, Extra, read all about it Onion readers:

Up in Canada, when the winter sets in and lakes freeze over, Canadians keep warm and happy by gathering to feast on the tails of beavers. Yes, and the highly prized tails are made even more tasty delish with the addition of great Canadian maple tree syrup that is collected during Canada’s short lived spring season. It’s often said in Canadian folklore that eating two beaver tails a day can help to improve ones hockey skills and figure eight skating abilities.

Rideau River Blasting Crew | Explotech breaks the ice

Rideau River Blasting Crew blows up ice off Sussex Drive — Explotech in Action

Earlier today I had the great pleasure of witnessing the Rideau River Blasting Crew perform some pow wow action! Unbeknownst to me, every year the City of Ottawa, in partnership with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, performs an exciting water management ritual during the months of February and March to prevent spring time flooding in the Rideau River watershed. Among other initiatives, this ritual involves blasting compacted ice-jams near Rideau Falls and the Sussex Drive Bridge with TNT before the ice impacts the flow of water and dams everything up!

Featured here – and pack’n heat – are some City of Ottawa workers and explosive experts performing controlled explosions! A big thanks to Marc who shared a few insights with me on the operation. In addition to the wide angle photo I took here, I’ve since learned that the British Broadcasting Corporation recently videotaped the annual affair for its Human Planet television documentary series, which can be found here.

Overall, a spectacular sight to watch, and a whole new dimension for me on the words: “blow up” (as seen here with the water towering into the sky after a blast) and “break the ice” (as seen here to warm things up and create a flow).

Piano Keys in Play | Black and White Reflections

Black and White Reflections

Ottawa Photographer | Jeffrey Meyer is a Canon EOS 1DX Owner

Introducing my new flagship camera – Canon EOS 1DX

With great pleasure I’m pleased to announce that my photography business in the Ottawa area continues to grow, and following a big investment, I’m now the proud owner of a Canon EOS 1DX camera body. 1DX product review and tests are coming shortly!

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighter Photographer

Ottawa Fire Services Photographer

Ottawa Fire Services Photographer

A double professional with one amazing job!  I’d totally love to do this kind of stuff with my camera…

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa lineman working with high voltage transmission lines

An Ottawa lineman

A shocking situation to watch, yes?

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighter Gears Up

Ottawa Fire Services-8

Ottawa Fire Services-9

Before entering a smoke filled house on fire…

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighters performing rapid response work

Accountability Command Post

Accountability Command Post

Ottawa firefighters performing some serious logistics work to coordinate and calculate their rapid response operations with professionalism and accountability. When I took this photo, and saw this level of organization quickly unfolding before me, I felt really inspired. I’ve always respected the profession of firefighting, and I think Ottawa residents should take great pride and comfort in knowing we truly have a dedicated workforce of firefighters ready to jump into action with some serious composure and capacity.

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighters setup a small accountability command center

Ottawa Firefighters, Command Post and Accountability

Ottawa Firefighters, Command Post and Accountability

Two Ottawa firefighters quickly team up to professionally manage and coordinate over a dozen firefighters working a burning house fire. While I don’t know the exact details, from an outsider’s perspective it certainly looked like they were conducting some seriously effective logistics work! It looked like they were strategically planning their operations with a great deal of composure, and perhaps more importantly, taking the time to account for the scores of firefighters and resources coming in and out of a burning house – an inherently dangerous and unpredictable situation.

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighters in Action

Ottawa Firefighters in Action

Ottawa Firefighters in Action

Over a dozen Ottawa firefighters working in teams rushed into early morning action to professionally control and address a burning house fire!

Ottawa Photographer | Ottawa Firefighters stand ready while they take control of a house fire on Rochester St

Ottawa Firefighters in Action

Ottawa Firefighters in Action

Early this morning I woke up to the sound of my telephone ringing, a putrid smell of smoke, and a lot of flashing red and white lights emanating from outside my living room window.   Once I realized what had been going on I dashed to my window to see what I could see – my neighbour’s house had caught on fire!   My adrenalin began pumping immediately, so I threw on my jacket and a pair of jeans, ran out the door, and asked the first police officer I saw if my neighbours were OK. I kept thinking to myself: I hope they made it out ok, I hope they had a fire alarm with good batteries to wake them up.  Once I learned that everyone was believed OK, I ran for my camera and began taking a few pictures of some amazing Ottawa firefighters working hard to control the fire literally outside my front door. This picture was published on CBC News Ottawa, and for more media details on the lives this fire impacted, click here.   Yet another reminder to always be ready with fresh batteries (for smoke alarms and camera bodies!)

Ottawa Photographer |The Making of Hockey Night in Canada…

The making of Hockey Night in Canada – Local

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of this person – working late into the evening with big fluffy snowflakes falling around her – my local community will soon have an outdoor hockey rink to skate on! 🙂

Ottawa Photographer |Ottawa River, White Water Kayaking Stunts and Tricks

Kayaker in the Ottawa River

Just an all-out totally amazing show of talent and strength…

Ottawa Photographer |Ottawa River, White Water Kayaking

Kayaker in the Ottawa River

Enjoying an incredibly beautiful Sunday afternoon with some ultra-amazing white water kayakers on the Ottawa River.
At times I was clocking in camera shutter speeds up to 1/8000ths of a second…what a rush for me, and I’m sure for them in the cold April water!

Ottawa Photographer | Nathan Phillips Square in the Winter, Zamboni

Nathan Phillips Square in the Winter, Zamboni and Ice Rink

Nathan Phillips Square during the winter in Toronto, Ontario. Outdoor skating rink with a zamboni and City Hall in the background.

41 grams of Sugar in Pepsi | Motivation Photography

What 41 grams of sugar in a can of Pepsi looks like

What 41 grams of sugar in a can of Pepsi looks like

Well, it’s that time of year again ladies and gentlemen: Resolution Time, 2011 Edition! And, for better or worse, this year I’m going to try something really ambitious — the reduction of sugar in my diet.

To help pave my road to better health, earlier today I asked myself the following question: From a visual perspective, how much sugar is actually in a single can of Pepsi? In my quest for answers, and to ensure everything was as scientific as possible, I busted out my trusty kitchen scale and camera gear to visually establish what 41 grams of sugar looks like – the amount of sugar that Pepsi claims according to their nutrition label is present in every single 355ml can of regular cola.

I ‘see’ this 41 grams of sugar number day in and day out, but up until this experiment I never really had a true sense of what that actually meant. If a picture tells a thousand words, than a picture of 41 grams of sugar says quite a bit, and even more so when I factor in my ability to easily consume 4 or 5 cans of Pepsi in a single day. Long story short, if you’re a visual learner like me, than a “picture” of the situation can do wonders in helping you to focus your resolution efforts, and maybe even modify your behaviour.

2013 Update: Great news guys, since writing this blog my photography skills have become better, LOL, and I rarely drink Pepsi – or any other carbonated drink – to the degree I once did. I’ve since lost 23 pounds, of which I would say a great many was attributed to simply reducing my intake of sugar. Man, I’m glad I took this picture.

Fraser Café | Corporate & Small Business Photography

Fraser's Café

Fraser’s Café

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-1b

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-2

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-2a

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-3

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-4

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-5

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Fraser's Café-6

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of meeting Ross and Simon Fraser – two brothers who own and operate Fraser Café in downtown Ottawa. ( Next to enjoying one of their exquisite meals, and trying mussles for the very first time in my life, I had the great pleasure of photographing them and their staff in full action. In union with ARCLabs – a webpage design and development company – I put my photography skills to work to help the Frasers capture their kitchen and culinary masterpieces for their website. Photographing several bustling, but methodical cooks on a mission in their kitchen was no easy task – the gas ovens were blasting on high, hot frying pans were being shaken over open flames, knives were rapidly chopping away and orders were coming in fast with people naturally waiting to be served with high expectations! Add in all the mouth savoring sights and smells, and photographing a series of cooks in action preparing a wide array of delicious platters became especially challenging. LOL Yet, it was a totally amazing photography experience, and I’m proud to note that my work now features exclusively on the Fraser’s website, which was created by ARCLabs. The Fraser’s culinary skills and platter presentations are top notch in my opinion, and if you’re looking for a truly fine place to dine in Ottawa, then I would highly recommend you check out Fraser Café. And, if you’ve never tried mussles, Ross can certainly help you take the plunge and make your first experience an enjoyable one!