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Calgary Skyline | From the Calgary International Airport

A beautiful way to start the day…watching WestJet flights arrive and depart in front of Calgary’s picturesque skyline on a winter day.

Calgary Skyline from the Calgary International Airport

Flying with Calm Air | ATR42

The City of Winnipeg all lit up like a xmas tree from my awesome window seat aboard an ATR42 twin-turboprop flown by Calm Air.

Flying with Calm Air

Flying with Calm Air


Landing at The Pas airport in mid-north-west Manitoba under clear skies and the glow of a beautiful full moon !

Landing at night in The Pas, Manitoba – Time to Experience the North

Train Bridge

Jeffrey Meyer Photography-2

Rocky Mountain Rail Tunnel | Great Canadian Views

Rocky Mountain Rail Tunnel

Rocky Mountain Rail Tunnel

A spectacular timing moment with some Photoshop CS6 fun blended in behind-the-scenes for a Great Canadian Comic Book look…I could hear the train coming, and so I ran hard to “the spot of maximum possibility” where I could capture what I had visualized in my mind to be coming…awesome!

Calgary Transit | Saddletowne

Calgary Transit, Saddletowne

Calgary Transit, Saddletowne

Up in the Clouds | Photography in the Sky

Having fun making shapes in the clouds

Having fun looking for shapes in the clouds

Go Transit | Passenger Train Approaching Union Station

A GO Transit passenger train approaches Union Station in Toronto, Ontario

TTC 511 Streetcar | Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour, Target

TTC 511 Streetcar clad in “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” Target Marketing

This past weekend I spent some quality time in Toronto, Ontario to catch up with my bro, check out the University of Toronto’s Symphony Orchestra with my GF, and of course snap a few pictures around town.

One of the things I love most about visiting Toronto is watching its iconic streetcars electrically woosh through the city core with ding, ding sounds filling the air. And while I’m certain other motorists hold mixed views about sharing Toronto’s congested street space with them, from my perspective I’d say the presence of this mass transportation system packs some serious cultural value and high photography appeal!

Yet next to targeting streetcars with my camera, I also noticed Target Canada’s very visible – and I think very effective – marketing campaign all over Toronto. Fashionably sporting Canada’s proud red and white colours, and layering its distinctive bull’s eye marks in its advertising, Target has clearly placed its sights on the Canadian Marketplace. “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” appears to be Target’s current marketing tagline, and while I’m certain the claim conjures a great many views about Canadian retailers sharing space – perhaps congested – with American franchises, at least we can now say, eh Canada, they finally spelt neighbour right! Featured here is a TTC 511 streetcar – clad in Target advertising – riding along the Exhibition Loop. On this mighty fine day, two photography targets.

Canon EOS 1Dx Camera Review | Speed Test Tracking Results: Pass

Canon EOS 1Dx Speed Performance next to a McDonnell Douglas 4-Wing CF-18 Hornet

Canon EOS 1Dx Camera Review | As fast as a CF-18 Hornet

A McDonnell Douglas 4-Wing CF-18 Hornet caught cold with a Canon EOS 1Dx

Hi, if you’re reading this blog post than chances are you wondering how the new flagship Canon EOS 1Dx performs in real life situations. Well, after a full month of ownership I can categorically tell you that this is simply the best camera I have ever owned and operated!  I purchased the Canon 1Dx from Henry’s in September of 2012, and it now serves as the main camera in my photography business.  My former camera was the highly regarded Canon EOS 5D MarkII, but after placing the Canon 1Dx in my hands it’s hard to look back.  While my learning curve on the Canon 1Dx has been very steep I’ve now had enough time to form a few quick opinions.

Things I love about the Canon 1Dx:

 The Speed – as in sonic jet speed. Like most professional grade cameras, the fastest shutter speed on this camera is 1/8000th of a second. But, when that shutter speed potential is matched with a burst rate of 14 frames per second, this camera can crank out some serious fire power. While my personal photography style relies predominately on natural timing and patience, having the option to shutter burst a sonic jet right out of the sky makes this camera totally laugh-out-loud awesome!   The picture you see here was taken straight from the camera – no photoshop CS6 editing here.   I Love the thrust!  If you like this picture, then it and others will soon be available for sale in my Prints section.

The Memory capacity – With two Compact Flash card slots available on the 1Dx I never need to worry about running out of memory at a critical moment in time. This is an incredible feature, and speaking from experience, the extra confidence is liberating when you know you can’t miss a shot.

The Eye piece shutter – When performing product photography, or long exposures, I love the built in eye shutter thingamabob which is a much, much better design than the former rubberized piece found on the 5DMarkII strap. Again, just one less thing to worry about and fiddle with.


Things I’m learning to live with, but wish were better:

The placement of the exposure meter – The bulk of my photography has been performed with a Canon 5DMarkII, and on that camera body both the exposure meter and camera settings are shown on the bottom horizontal plane. With the Canon EOS 1Dx, the exposure meters are located vertically on the right hand side, while the camera settings (shutter speed, aperture value, ISO, card count, shooting mode) are located on the bottom, horizontal plane. When shooting in portrait mode (vertical alignment) I find it really difficult to scan my settings. Perhaps it’s just me and my personal preference, but having the exposure meter separated from the camera settings has gotten me in trouble on a few different occasions. Speaking from experience, nothing is worse than thinking you have just landed a perfectly balanced meter reading, yet only to learn that reading came with your camera settings shifted to with f/22 and 1/30th of a second – ouch.  I just need to learn how to get use to it, but my eye is protesting and spending more time on aspects than before.

Battery Charger – Holy smokes, it’s huge! Definitely not travel friendly. Be prepared; leave home with charged batteries.

The RAW file conversion – I needed to upgrade my Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software so that it could read and convert the CR.2 Raw Files into something viewable.   I don’t mind having the latest-and-greatest upgrades from Adobe for my business, but it was an added and unwelcome expense.   While not scientific, I feel as if my 5D Mark II RAW photos were easier to process and convert into JPGs, but my workflow is quickly recovering as I learn more.

Things I need to learn  about the Canon 1Dx

There are a dizzying amount of options on this camera – seriously. I’d really like to learn the difference between the different AI Servo tracking modes, of which there are six options or cases.  My photography style has always placed a premium on:  ready, aim, fire, but with these options I think it would be totally possible to just go ready and fire! LOL Crazy, I know. But, I don’t believe any self-respecting professional would simply just fire and ask questions later.   If you want to continuously burst 14 frames per second all over the place, then maybe a video camera would be better…lol…but if you find yourself needing some suppressive fire here-and-there, then this camera certainly fills that niche.

Ottawa Photographer | Classic Cars

A 1975 Corvette Stingray featured with a HDR Photography Effect

Last night I joined up with my good friend and fellow photographer – Fernando Matias – to find some photography inspiration in downtown Ottawa. Along the way we came across a beautifully sculpted Corvette Stingray that was proudly parked at the corner of Kent and Albert. Painted in candy apple red, and sporting some slick Hercules H/P 4000 tires, it was glaringly clear to me and Fernando that this classic convertible was still — and deservedly so — being loved and enjoyed some 37 years after it was produced in 1975.

I like photographing iconic cars and all of their character – from muscular and sporty dispositions to those built with soft lines for leisurely pursuits. If you own a classic car, and would love to be photographed in it, then give Jeffrey Meyer a call to set something up. Whether it’s parked in an interesting spot, or rolling in motion with you behind the steering wheel, Jeffrey can help you gear up your devotion for cars with some professional photographs. The picture you see here was given some extra dramatic effect by my taking a series of similarly framed pictures at different exposures to form a High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph. I also added one of my favourite photography effects into the mix – light star bursts – by using a 9-blade aperture camera lens.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Aircraft deicing fluid, Airbus A330

An Airbus A330 being deiced

My first time observing the wings of a plane getting de-iced….I loved the moment, but after missing three connecting flights from the delay, and experiencing the same process at three different airports in a single trip, my camera eventually stopped coming out for these moments…LOL It’s good to laugh, and to recognize the extra wait was for the better good…

Ottawa Travel Photographer | My view from an Airbus A330

Aeral photography from an Airbus A330

Flying into a rising sun of warm colours

Ottawa Travel Photographer | A Mercedes-Benz in Frankfurt, Germany

A Classic Mercedes-Benz

Iconic and beautiful…

Ottawa Travel Photographer | A hot air balloon and the sun rises over Göreme, Turkey

Hot air balloon silhouette, Göreme, Turkey

Early one morning I decided to run a few clicks and climb some fairy chimneys to watch the sun rise over Göreme, Turkey. To my great surprise both the sun and a hot air balloon rose before my eyes, which altogether was a really nice moment to experience and perform one of my favorite photography effects – silhouette photography.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Новослободская Metro Station in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia – Новослободская Metro Station

A Russian lady stands statue still in front of the “Peace Throughout the World” mosaic. Another highly impressive subway station deep below Moscow’s streetscape!

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Sihhiye Metro Station in Ankara, Turkey

Ankara, Turkey – Sihhiye Metro Station

Completely alone – yet again – at the Sihhiye Metro Station in Ankara, Turkey. On my was to Ankara’s main bus terminal, AŞTİ, to board an early morning bus to Goreme, Turkey! I had just missed the first train of the day, but that’s OK because it was worth stopping for that morning fresh simit! LOL And for those wondering, yes, public transit in Turkey is well used – just not at fringe tourist traveling hours 🙂

Ottawa Travel Photographer | M1 LRT Subway Train in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey – M1 LRT Subway Train

Completely alone and traveling aboard the M1 Istanbul LRT. This picture was taken somewhere between the Havalimani and Dunya Ticaret Merkezi metro stations. It wasn’t until I arrived at the Atatürk International Airport (last stop) that I also realized that I was actually traveling aboard the very last train of the day! LOL Destiny.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Hot air balloon ride over Göreme, Turkey

Hot air balloon ride, Göreme, Turkey

Celebrating my birthday with an early morning hot air balloon ride – my very first one – over the snowcapped landscape and fairy chimneys of Göreme, Turkey

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Hot air balloon ride over Göreme, Turkey

Hot air balloon ride, Göreme, Turkey

Celebrating my birthday with an early morning hot air balloon ride – my very first one – over the snowcapped landscape and fairy chimneys of Göreme, Turkey

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Комсомо́льская Metro Station in Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia – Комсомо́льская Metro Station

Pictured here is one part of the magnificent Komsomolskaya subway station (using the Latin alphabet, and Kомсомо́льская using the local Cyrillic spelling). I thought Moscow’s metro system was really efficient once I learnt how to navigate and decipher a few patterns in cyrillic text. Each subway station sported its own unique character and design, and in some cases the decor and lighting was quite opulent. Perhaps the coolest part of the system was just observing the enormity of everything – from the huge escalators that required at least a minute or two of descending into the ground, from the sheer volume of people using the system. A tourist could easily spend a few days just visiting and photographing everything there is to see in Moscow’s beautiful metro stations. This picture captured a very quick moment of calm quietness. Literally seconds later trains arrived on both sides of the platform and the place was elbow-to-elbow with people.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Hot air balloon ride in Göreme, Turkey

Hot air balloon ride, Göreme, Turkey

Celebrating my birthday with an early morning hot air balloon ride – my very first one – over the snowcapped landscape and fairy chimneys of Göreme, Turkey!!!

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Aeral Photography

Aeral Photography from a Boeing 737-200C

Aboard an Air Inuit flight to Resolute Bay, Nunavut

Ottawa Photographer |Tractor

Ottawa Photographer, Tractor

Rail Lines & Curve | Symmetry in Photography

Rail lines and curve

Rail lines and curve

A “standard gauge track” which means the distance between the inside edges of the rails is 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in). This standard is not universal, as many other nations use a series of different standards.