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Lebanese Palace | Hussein and Fawzia’s Engagement

Earlier today I had the great pleasure of photographing Hussein and Fawzia’s engagement party, and in the process, experiencing the full energy of Lebanese culture in Ottawa!   Hussein and Fawzia’s party took place at the Lebanese Palace located at 919 Industrial Ave., in Ottawa, Ontario, which celebrated its grand opening in December 2015.  In my humble opinion, I think the Lebanese Palace offers a  nice ambiance with authentic food to enjoy while overlooking some stone archways, a decorative celling, and a beautiful mural of Lebanese culture and history on the Mediterranean.   In addition to taking pictures of family and friends for Hussein and Fawzia, I was graciously invited to take a moment to enjoy the food and put down my camera.   The staff and service are warm and welcoming, and this is a place that I’d highly recommend for a big party and portrait photography!


Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Lebanese Palace

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Lebanese Palace-2

Wedding Photography | Rings

Photo by Jeffrey Meyer

Photo by Jeffrey Meyer

Wedding Photography | Passion in Action

Photo by Jeffrey Meyer

A kiss I couldn’t miss…

Photo by Jeffrey Meyer

A beautiful couple in front of the Château Montebello!

Photo by Jeffrey Meyer

An awesome day with the Bridal Party

Ottawa Wedding Chapel | Kenmore, Ontario

Yesterday afternoon I had the great honour of photographing Tammy and Michel’s fun wedding ceremony at the Ottawa Wedding Chapel, located within the nearby village of Kenmore.   The historical grandeur of this former church has been completely restored, and is now privately owned by All Seasons Weddings.   Inside you will find a  beautiful display of stain glass windows that symmetrically highlight some gorgeous wood flooring, semi-circle benches, and layered archways.   The following photos were taken with my newest camera lens – the Canon EF 11-24mm USM, F/4.   A pretty amazing venue with a lot of character and charm!

Ottawa Wedding Chapel

Ottawa Wedding Chapel

Jeffrey Meyer, Ottawa Wedding Chapel-2 Jeffrey Meyer, Ottawa Wedding Chapel-3

A Marriage Proposal | At Winterlude on the Rideau Canal Skateway

Something truly magical happened today!

As I was performing a promotional Winterlude photo shoot with Nordstrom and TrojanOne on the Rideau Canal Skateway a lady approached me in surprise and said, “I think he’s about to propose”. Not knowing who the lady was talking about I quickly turned my head and immediately noticed behind me the time honored and cultural queue of a gentleman going down on one knee to express his love. Without any hesitation I instantly jumped into the scene and within seconds (seriously, it couldn’t have been more than 2 or 3 slow motion heart beats) my photography passion shifted into top gear action, as I was able to manually change my camera settings with cold fingers, focus on the surprising situation, find the emotion, and frame the picture. It was just so simply spectacular I honestly cannot stop thinking about “what just happened”! Parliament Hill in the background with skaters all around, and of course a special moment made all the more beautiful by the sounds of yes. Congratulations guys – spectacular!

Winterlude Marriage Proposal

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-2

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-3

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-4

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-5

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-6

Winterlude Marriage Proposal-7

Lighting a Candle | Wedding Photography

Ashley and Matt's WeddingEarlier today I had the great pleasure of photographing Ashely and Matt’s intimate wedding ceremony, and watching them come together in lighting a single candle before loved ones and a warm audience – so very thoughtful and beautiful!

Red hot Awe-tumn colours | Wedding Photography

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Wedding Photography

Yee Ha Western Style | Wedding Photography

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, Wedding Photography-1000

The First Dance, Wedding Photography by Jeffrey Meyer

First Dance Wedding Photography

First Dance Wedding Photography

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, First Dance-101

Jeffrey Meyer Photography, First Dance-103

When the lights dim and the crowd moves in to surround the dance floor with loving support for the bride and groom I know it’s time to perform…when the music queues in and the couple embraces each other I know it’s time to move with them. This special moment was captured using an off camera flash technique that I use in my work to dial up the drama and capture the flowing tears of joy! What a moment – I love being a wedding photographer!

Engagement Photography | Canadian Fun in the Maple Leaves

An Engagement Photo Shoot showing Canadian Fun with Maple Leaves

Engagement Photography | Canadian Flair

An Engagement shoot in Ottawa with some grade-eh Canadian Flair!

“Tying the Knot” | Scottish Handfasting, Wedding Tradition

Tying the Knot – Scottish Handfasting

Wedding Photography | Puddle

A fairy tale wedding portrait: Carrying your bride over a puddle!

Wedding Photography | First Dance

Wedding Photography, First Dance

Wedding Photography, First Dance

Wedding Photography | Dancing

Wedding Photography | Golf Course Portrait

Wedding Portraits on a Golf Course

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Backyard Wedding Portraits

Backyard wedding portraits by Jeffrey Meyer

Backyard Wedding Portraits

On this beautiful day – filled with a warm summer heat and a bright sun – I had the great pleasure of photographing the backyard wedding ceremony of Danielle and Brian. Whether it’s in your very own backyard, or a chosen venue found in the public domain, Jeffrey Meyer takes the time to photograph you with symbolism and style that matters to you. In this picture we not only see a newlywed couple sharing a happy momment with each other, but also their love for flowers and peonies which they took the time to grow in time for their special day. I love being a wedding photographer, and taking pictures with a layered story!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Cut

Wedding Cake Cut

Ottawa Wedding Photography by Jeffrey Meyer

Wedding Cake Muffins

Wedding Cake Muffins

Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding Cake Time!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | An Italian Accordionist

Ottawa Wedding Photography by Jeffrey Meyer

Plays at his son’s wedding…

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wedding Rings

An Engagement Ring

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

Ottawa Wedding and Engagement Photographer | Rohan and Kamy

Ottawa Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Ottawa Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Ottawa Wedding & Engagement Photographer

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Corn Field Backdrop

Wedding Photography in a Corn Field

Celebrating Christine and Terry’s Big Day with some photography fun in the sun, and a corn field – talk about POP Corn!

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | Barn Door Backdrop

Wedding Photography – Barn Wood

Celebrating Malorie and Andrew’s big day with some fun and memorable barn door photography effects…

Ottawa Wedding Photographer | City Hall, Civil Marriage Ceremonies

An intimate wedding at Ottawa City Hall

An intimate wedding at Ottawa City Hall

A warm day in May for an intimate wedding ceremony at Ottawa’s City Hall! From quick and intimate to daylong and elaborate, Jeffrey can help you photograph your wedding day with “I Do” photography packages – All we need is love, and there was plenty to photograph here on this mighty beautiful day…