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York Cemetery | Toronto, Ontario Skyline

York Cemetery and Toronto Skyscrapers

York Cemetery before a Toronto Skyline of Skyscrapers

Everyday creativity, as so eloquently noted by Dewitt Jones – an Academy Award nominated director and long-time National Graphic photographer – can be found by making the ordinary extraordinary.

During my last trip to Toronto I took a walk through the York Cemetery to observe and respect how the York community honoured its dead. During my walk I came across a hill, and so I decided to climb it to see what I could see from the top. At first the hill did not seem like much given my angle of accent, but when I reached the top I came across a most inspiring sight, as before my eyes were two polar contrasts far from ordinary in the everyday: in the foreground was peace, serenity and tombstones, while in the background stood just a small sliver of Canada’s largest and most populated city bustling with bumper-to-bumper action. Granted most people do not take photographs in cemeteries, which itself is far from ordinary, I thought this moment to be especially creative as a wonderful tribute to those who have left this world with a built city behind them.

CN Tower | Toronto Skyline

The CN Tower, From Bathurst and Front Street West

The CN Tower, along with some rail lines and residential buildings, featured under a “blue jay” coloured sky!

A Mari usque ad Mare | From Sea to Sea

Canada’s Coat of Arms – etched in stone at the Fort York Armoury

Featured here is Canada’s Coat of Arms — etched in stone and proudly adored above the front entrance to the Fort York Armoury in Toronto, Ontario.

Go Transit | Passenger Train Approaching Union Station

A GO Transit passenger train approaches Union Station in Toronto, Ontario

TTC 511 Streetcar | Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour, Target

TTC 511 Streetcar clad in “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” Target Marketing

This past weekend I spent some quality time in Toronto, Ontario to catch up with my bro, check out the University of Toronto’s Symphony Orchestra with my GF, and of course snap a few pictures around town.

One of the things I love most about visiting Toronto is watching its iconic streetcars electrically woosh through the city core with ding, ding sounds filling the air. And while I’m certain other motorists hold mixed views about sharing Toronto’s congested street space with them, from my perspective I’d say the presence of this mass transportation system packs some serious cultural value and high photography appeal!

Yet next to targeting streetcars with my camera, I also noticed Target Canada’s very visible – and I think very effective – marketing campaign all over Toronto. Fashionably sporting Canada’s proud red and white colours, and layering its distinctive bull’s eye marks in its advertising, Target has clearly placed its sights on the Canadian Marketplace. “Can’t Wait to Meet You Neighbour” appears to be Target’s current marketing tagline, and while I’m certain the claim conjures a great many views about Canadian retailers sharing space – perhaps congested – with American franchises, at least we can now say, eh Canada, they finally spelt neighbour right! Featured here is a TTC 511 streetcar – clad in Target advertising – riding along the Exhibition Loop. On this mighty fine day, two photography targets.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Harbourfront Skyline of Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario Harbourfront – Skyline

Beautiful downtown Toronto, Ontario, at night from the shore of Lake Ontario…

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Harbourfront Skyline of Toronto, Ontario

Toronto, Ontario Harbourfront – Skyline

Night time photography with my brother aboard the Captain Matthew Flinders cruise ship on the northern shore of Lake Ontario – Go, Go, Toronto, Ontario!

Ottawa Nature and Travel Photographer | High Park Hillside Gardens in Toronto, Ontario

Ottawa Photographer, High Park Hillside Gardens

Even in Canada’s largest and most commercial metropolis, there is space to enjoy park nature and life.

Ottawa Nature Photographer | Sparrow, Gearing up for Flight

Ottawa Photographer, Sparrow

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Glass Floor at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario

Glass Floor at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario

Glass Floor at the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario

Featured here is the CN Tower – one of the world’s tallest free standing structures. Located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this tower has been upgraded over the years to now offer some spectacular light shows at night. These two pictures were taken from its base, with the view of seeing whether my camera equipment could photograph the famous CN Tower “glass floor” from below. Turns out I could…LOL…using my 200mm lens with a 2x extender (for a total focal length of 400mm). Good times!

Ottawa War Art Photographer | World War One memorial with a fallen lion

A World War One Memorial in Toronto, Ontario

This picture highlights one of three beautifully stone cut lions guarding the 1914-1918 War Memorial located in Toronto, Ontario at the corner of University Avenue and Elm Street. This monument was sculpted by Charles Adamson in 1923, and when I saw this fallen lion in front of a tomb of names I felt a need to photograph it and consider all the symbolism of the moment. The other two lions – not featured here – continue to stand pound, brave and ready behind the fallen. Added to my picture is the Mosaic Tile Texture effect available in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Queen’s Park and the Ontario Legislative Building

Queen’s Park and the Ontario Legislative Building in Toronto, Ontario

Performing my favorite lighting effect straight out of the camera with some night photography at Queen’s Park and the Ontario Legislative Building. Captivating my attention here is the idea that laws never sleep, and seldom do I relative to others. I’m often asked: Jeff, when on earth do you find the time to photograph so many things and people? My answer: For better or worse, I only need five-and-a-half hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour period to be fully productive, so that really opens up a lot of time for me to have fun!

The address for the Ontario Legislative Building is:
111 Wellesley Street West
Toronto, ON M7A 1A5

I would recommend approaching it from the front by walking up University Avenue. Very nice when the post lamps are on.

Ottawa Travel Photographer | Downtown Toronto at the corner of King and Young Street

Street Car at the corner of King and Young Street in Toronto, Ontario

This photo was taken under sunny skies at the corner of King Street and Young Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Captivating my attention here was the impressively built Royal Bank Building (1915) and the iconic 509 Exhibition TTC Streetcar rolling down the city rails.

Ottawa Nature Photographer | Canadian Tulip Festival, Tulip(ic) of the day

Tulips at High Park in Toronto, Ontario

Victoria Day Weekend at High Park, 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, Ontario

Ottawa Photographer | Nathan Phillips Square in the Winter, Zamboni

Nathan Phillips Square in the Winter, Zamboni and Ice Rink

Nathan Phillips Square during the winter in Toronto, Ontario. Outdoor skating rink with a zamboni and City Hall in the background.