My experience visiting a lush lupin forest | Now growing at Commissioners Park

May 12, 2022

The Canadian Tulip festival is now in full swing, and my most favorite place to enjoy the Tulips within Ottawa is Dow's Lake — also known as Commissioners Park.   

If you've never been to this park, then I say it's worth a visit during any time of year — even if only for an hour.   Yet, the month of May is especially picturesque if you enjoy the sight (and scent) of tulips.  

However, as this blog will attest, there's a lot more to enjoy and experience at Commissioners Park than just the main draw of tulips, like for example:  its wonderfully lush and lavender lupin forests that are now growing beneath and amongst the towering tulips.  

Ok, perhaps that's a bit embellished from the perspective of a mighty adult looking down towards the ground, but perspective can matter, and one of the great many things I love so much about photography is that it allows us to appreciate how a situational context can always be seen differently when viewed under different conditions.  Case in point, this picture.   It was created with my newest camera lens — a fully manual 100mm f/2.8 CA-Dreamer Macro lens by Laowa, which allows me to create a 2x life size perspective.  

As the NCC (National Capital Commission) eloquently notes, "the forests of the Capital abound with hidden gems", and this park certainly has more than a few which you can read all about in Remarkable Trees of Canada’s Capital.  

Yet, to add a playful spin on that topic, this camera lens, as well as a pinch of creativity, allowed me to enjoy those gems with a much more macro, detail oriented reality that shows beneath all the towering tulips, and amongst the green blades of grass, is yet another growing forest.   Which, from the perspective of an ant, or a photographer not too concerned about getting his clothes dirty, or worried about what a passerby may think, can offer a pretty neat perspective.  A forest within a forest.   A world within a world.  A lupin forest under a bed of tulips.    

A lush lupin forest is now growing at Commissionaires Park
A lush lupin forest is now growing at Commissionaires Park

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