Oh No: My BenQ SW320 Monitor has died on me...

June 28, 2022

Dear clients, I wish to apologize that my turn-around times will be seriously impacted over the next two weeks or so, as I scramble to replace a critical component in my workflow — my colour calibrated monitor.     

While you may not know this, behind-the-scenes I depend a great deal on using technology that allows me to maintain the upmost in colour fidelity.   To that end, I have invested heavily in colour calibration tools and monitors so that I can work confidently within a 100% sRGB colour space for my electronic images, and a 100% Adobe RGB colour space for my printed images.   

Yet, earlier this week my best and primary 4K monitor for colour fidelity died on me after four years and seven days of ownership.  Safe to say, not good, but I'm now in search of a new monitor, and hope to be operational very soon.    Thank you kindly for your patience, as I manage a major IT failure and navigate around global supply chain shortages to find a suitable high-quality replacement.     

The picture you see here is the load up screen of my 4k, 32inch IPS monitor showing all kinds of nasty vertical lines and distortions, which renders it unworkable.   Safe to say, the images I've created for you will look nothing like this!  :)

BenQ SW320

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