Canon R3 | Eye Control AF | Is it safe for the human eye to use?

September 18, 2021

Hello fellow photographers and camera gear reviewers.  As a happy and decade-long Canon user, I’m super excited about the new Canon R3 that was officially announced to the world on Tuesday, September 14, 2021.   Adopting the latest and greatest technology in my photography business is not only personally fun and stimulating, but deeply value added for my clients.  Yet, before I jump into Canon's mirrorless ecosystem with two feet there is one thing about the new Canon R3 that scares me, however, and I am wondering out loud if anyone else feels the same way too?

In the spirit of wanting to exercise good health and safety practices in my work, my fear pertains to the Canon R3's “Eye Control AF” feature and whether its (continuous/frequent) usage by photographers using the viewfinder has any known health impacts to the human eye?

To my knowledge, I have not yet been able to find anything on the R3's infrared LED dose (concentration) and exposure (duration/frequency) limits, and to date I have not been able to find any claims or assurances from Canon that note using their Eye Control AF is completely safe for the human eye.   While I seek out assurances on the safety of their new Eye Control AF feature (which I would presume is a safe consumer product, but wish to double-check), I thought I’d pen a blog to see if anyone else had some insights to share with me.    

Does the innovative idea of focusing your camera with your eye's movement excite you, or scare you?   I'd be interested in knowing.   To help visualize this technical feat, which I have yet to see and try myself, the following image from Canon USA helps unpack how it looks.    

Photography is awesome, and I think, the technology behind it is about to take another big leap forward!     

Canon R3 | Eye Control AF | Is it safe for the human eye to use? canon r3, eye control af, health and safety,

Canon R3, Eye Control AF

Image/Technology visualization from Canon USA

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