Maternity Portraits | Low Key Photography

January 15, 2021

With jubilation and gratitude, Stéphanie and I are delighted to announce that we are expecting our first child in 2021!

While being pregnant during a pandemic has been difficult for my wife and me, we feel so very blessed by this wonderful miracle of life!   Despite all the odds and hurdles, life has found a way.   As we continue to hibernate and work safely from home, we look forward to our delivery date on or around Canada’s birthday—so, queue the fireworks!   

We recognize that a child born in 2021 will have no shortage of planetary challenges to address and overcome. Yet, Stéphanie and I look forward to offering our baby the best possible start, and sharing everything we know while we snap memorable photos along the way to promote smiles.  As a papa, I'm really looking forward to my baby's first words, which I suspect will either be "mama", or "pho-toe".    Yet, "apple juice" could also be in the cards, so time will tell.  

The maternity portraits you see here were taken in my home studio, and they celebrate Stéphanie's baby bump in two unique ways—the first is a "low key photo" that values an underexposed look with high contrast and controlled highlights.   While the second is a "high key photo" that values an overexposed look with lower contrast and a broader flood of light.  Which do you prefer?   Personally, I love both, and how they uniquely profile my wonderful wife and her baby bump!      

Celebrating a new life on the way with a maternity portrait! Home Photo Studio, Maternity Portraits, Photoshoot,

Maternity portraits | low key photography

Featured here is a low-key photograph of my wife, Stéphanie, glowing with happiness and hope! She holds her belly with one hand, and the brim of her hat with the other, as she looks up towards the light and patiently awaits our first-born child. This image was created in our home studio using three lights: A key light feathered by a softbox, a rim light, and a soft calculated beam of light carefully directed to the beautiful baby bump!
Celebrating a new life on the way with a maternity portrait! Home Photo Studio, Maternity Portraits, Photoshoot,

Baby bump | low key photography


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