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Pet Photography

As a fellow pet owner, I totally understand how they mean the world to us, so I'd be delighted to help you treat them with a prize photo!  And, if your upcoming wedding ceremony involves your pet companion playing a role by your side as a ring barer or best buddy, then I'm definitely all-in to help you capture those extra meaningful moments!


I enjoy working with cats and their dominant laissez-moi, but pet me, personalities to capture that purrfect photo!

Cat photography
Cat photography


Clearly, man's best friend, so I'm all in for photographing their loyal loving, tongue hanging, smiles!

Dog photography Wedding photography with dog
Wedding photography with dog
Dog photography
Family photo with dog


As they say, the early bird gets the worm, so no worries with me getting up early to photograph your bird's feathers!

Bird photography
Bird photography


Truth be told, spiders are the only creatures on our planet that give me the heebie-jeebies, but spine-tingling sensations aside, I love macro photographing these little critters and their webs!

Tarantula photography
Tarantula photography


Working with some of the oldest of creatures on our planet is always a neat feeling!

Lizard photography
Lizard photography


With snakes it's all smiles and ssssses...

Snake photography
Snake photography

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