Looking for the "best photographer in Ottawa" ?

Woo-hoo, your Google search suggests that might be me.

So, let's explore whether I’m the best for you!

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My style is attentive

Your needs — whatever they may be — are what pivot my small business focus and creativity.

My brand is versatile

Perspective matters, so my photography skills and gear are ready to work under diverse contexts & conditions.

My rates are reasonable

To create awesome pictures for you and sustain my small business. 

The genres I mostly photograph...

From intimate weddings to grand formal affairs. Photographing the "in-to-me-see" of your special day is one of my most powerful forms of photography.


From consumer products and services to industrial processes and operations. Business-to-business (B2B) photography to help you sell your brand with high-impact imagery.   

Other Available Goods and Services

Embroidery & Digitization

From wedding decorations and tea towels to small business branding, I can embroider fabrics with digitized images.

Custom Framing & Matts

From digital files to physical prints, I can craft custom frames and matts for you to proudly hang your pictures in no time flat.

Jeffrey Meyer 

Your local, go-to photographer for all your photographic needs.

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