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The following portfolio showcases some of the many (domestic) creatures I have photographed over the years.   

  • Growing up I had two dogs (both Lhasa Apsos) and several fish tanks.   Today, I have only a cat (Maine Coon).   So, as a fellow past and present pet owner, I totally understand how they're a part of the family.   

  • As you'll see below, I have often photographed pets during other photography moments, like during a wedding ceremony or a family portrait session, but sometimes I'm hired to just exclusively profile them in all their glory and action. 

  • While I love photographing cats and dogs, I always find it super fascinating to meet people who have more exotic pets — like tarantulas, turtles, lizards and snakes.       

  • So, if you're looking to treat your pet companion with a prize photo, then I'm ready to help you out!   In fact, my newest camera (the Canon EOS R3) includes a technological wonder that can help me track the eyes of animals with incredible precision and speed.   

Pet Portraits


Family pictures with your pet

At your local park
Or, in the comfort of your home

Candid pictures playing with your pet(s)

During your wedding
Around the home
The outdoors

Wedding pictures with your pet

Throughout the years, I've photographed a few weddings were beloved pets (a.k.a family members) made guest appearances, or played a role like being a ring bearer.   

If your upcoming wedding ceremony involves your pet companion playing a role by your side, then I'd love to help you capture those extra meaningful moments too!

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