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Over the past decade, I have photographed many diverse weddings – including a few special moments during my own wedding day!  So, whatever your unique plans may entail, you can count on me to capture your moment with the same degree of passion and energy as I did for myself, and together we will create the memorable images you desire!

A passionate wedding photographer...

Who photographed his own wedding day!

Featured here is a picture of me photographing my amazing wife on our wedding day.  

As I created these pictures, it felt wonderful knowing that I could give my soulmate an enduring gift of photography — made by me — with the help of a tripod :). 

A picture of me photographing my own wedding day.

A seasoned photographer...

Who is ready and able to work with any kind of weather — rain or shine, day or night.

  • I have photographed wedding ceremonies in every season, and love working with mother nature anytime of the year.   
  • If you're planning a winter wedding in Ottawa, then be sure to ask me about my grandma inspired tips and tricks to keep us warm and laughing out loud during our outdoor portraits in minus 20 weather.
Winter weddings
Spring weddings
Summer weddings
Autumn weddings

A thoughtful wedding photographer...

With a discerning eye for both the big picture and all the details wrapped in a moment.

  • I love being a wedding photographer, and photographing moments that shine with "in-to-me-see"! 

  • Whether it be through a kiss, an embrace, a dance, a dip, a joke, a poke, or just picking up your bride so that she doesn't have to walk through a puddle - there's no shortage of lovely moments to photograph during a wedding!

  • Altogether, my photography style includes a nice blend of candid, composed and artistic images; working side-by-side with your ideas while exercising my creative license for you. I tend to prefer colour photographs a bit more than black-and-white, yet I'm equally comfortable with creating either. 

  • I tend to prefer a more natural look-and-feel, sometimes referred to as a photojournalistic approach, but I'm equally skillful in creating composite images and applying enhanced visual effects with Adobe Photoshop.  If you would like to replicate a particular visual effect that you've seen, then let me know and we can try to accomplish it too!

  • The Bottom line: My discerning eye will skillfully notice both the details and big picture to create meaningful memories for you!

A kiss overlooking Parliament Hill
A kiss underneath the veil
Forehead to forehead
A kiss next to an industrial garage
A kiss and dip on the golf course
A kiss in a corn field
An imtimate gaze in studio
Fun on a swing
Portraits in a field with a rail fence
Portrait fun with the bridesmaids
Wedding party fun in the snow
Portrait fun with the groomsmen
Portraits alongside a barn door
Portraits on a bridge
A cowboy kiss on the dance floor
Portraits at your church
Portraits by the marina
Portraits cutting into the cake
Getting ready with Mehndi, henna
Getting ready with makeup and hair
Getting ready with a pedicure
The wedding dress hanging
Getting ready with the bridesmaids
One last look in the mirror
Capturing the first look
Outdoor ceremonies, countryside
Indoor ceremonies, religious
The rings in a keepsake box
Your something blue
Shoes and heirloom jewellery
Blessing of the rings
The exchange of rings
The lighting of candles
Scottish hand fasting — tie the knot
Signing of the registry
Your congregation
Unity sand ceremony
Walking down the aisle
Your ceremony
Your vows
Bride and groom down the aisle
Leaving the church
Portraits downtown
Portraits at the farm
Portraits by the river
Portraits while cracking jokes
Portraits with snowflakes
Portraits by the beach
Portraits in the rain
Portraits at sunset
Portraits with your pet
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