Maya and Mark's First Look — A Wedding Day Moment in a Snow Globe

March 25, 2022

One of the many great things I enjoy about being a wedding photographer is all the "behind-the-scenes" moments it offers to meet amazing people, and really get to know them through their friends and family over a very short time.   

Case in point:   While I was photographing all the ambiance of Maya and Mark's event on March 11th, I was listening to the stories their friends and family were sharing.   Always an interesting moment to be sure, and especially so after the wine has been flowing.  One of the speeches struck my attention, as it noted Mark really, really likes snow globes, which I thought was pretty neat because that's not something I often hear.   Do you know anyone with a snow globe collection?

So, as I was driving home — during a beautiful night with fluffy snowflakes gracefully falling — I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if I could create a snow globe with a wedding photo of Maya and Mark in it.   The idea was never something I had thought about before, but not being one to shy away from a creative challenge, I started reading a few online tutorials and soon after began applying my Photoshop skills in novels ways.   I dusted off a snow globe given to me as a gift a long time ago, and started photographing it in my home studio.   The end result is the snow globe you see here, which was completely made by me.   

The photo I chose for the globe — and the one you see below — was the exact moment that Mark and Maya looked at each other for the first time on their big day.   They loved the idea, and my offering it to them as a total surprise made me feel good too.  Just one of the many passionate ways I like to create special moments within moments through my photography.        

Mark & Maya's Wedding in a Snow Globe made by Jeffrey Meyer Photography

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